Codemotion Madrid 2020

Codemotion Madrid •

Codemotion is a series of high-level technical conferences that take place every year in major European cities. This year all editions, including Codemotion Madrid, will be in the form of a virtual conference. Nicolò Carpignoli, WebXR Developer and Consultant at Chialab, on November 5th will present a talk on Web Augmented Reality, dedicated to innovative technologies, in English language. Tickets are on sale, with the possibility to get also free tickets.

The event is free. At this address you can view the agenda for the day in which Nicolò will present his talk.

At this address you can register (also for free) to see live all the talks of the conference.

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How to approach the legibility* of a website?

Fevr •

Reading is a very complex activity that increasingly takes place in front of smartphone, tablet and computer screens. When dealing with the typography or the layout of a website there are many variables that we have to take into account, both as designers and developers. In this talk we will make a foray into the field of legibility*, exploring studies, methodologies, practices and techniques that can help us make our site more comfortable for users.

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W3C Maps on the Web Workshop

W3C •

A workshop organized by W3C with the aim of defining a native Web element for the realization of Maps. Chialab will be active with the participation of Nicolò Carpignoli who will present a talk on accessibility aspects, user requirements and use cases. Appointment on September 29, at 14:00. Participation is free upon registration.

Un workshop online e gratuito organizzato dal W3C per definire le caratteristiche di un elemento nativo per realizzare Mappe in ambito Web. I diversi interventi che si terranno nell’arco delle giornate tratteranno gli aspetti tecnologici, di interfaccia utente e di accessibilità.

Nicolò Carpignoli, Web AR/VR developer in Chialab, prenderà parte all’evento presentando un talk riguardo agli aspetti di accessibilità inerenti l’utilizzo di Mappe in ambito Web, mostrando requisiti e casi d’uso. L’obiettivo è iniziare a definire le caratteristiche di una Mappa i cui contenuti siano navigabili e fruibili da ogni utente.

L’evento è gratuito. A questo indirizzo è possibile visualizzare l’agenda relativa alla giornata in cui Nicolò presenterà il proprio talk.

All’indirizzo seguente è possibile registrarsi gratuitamente per partecipare al Workshop come uditori:

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Merged Futures 2020

digitalnorthampton •

Nicolò Carpignoli will take part to this event promoted by DigitalNorthampton, this year as an online and free conference. He will talk about Augmented and Virtual Reality on the Web. To attend you have first to book your free tickets.

Merged Futures aims to showcase and encourage collaboration across different sectors for the benefit of Northamptonshire. It is a free, tech innovation showcase. This year Merged Futures will be a virtual event.

Nicolò Carpignoli will take part to this edition with a talk about Web Augmented and Virtual Reality. He will show technologies and platforms available in 2020 to build Web XR experiences for free, with pros and cons, devices, support and future plans. The talk is for a technical and also non-technical audience.

You can attend at the online event for free. In order to do that, please request your tickets.

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Virtual Reality: the future that awaits us with immersive realities

In this Round Table, rigorously carried out remotely and available in live streaming, the topics of Virtual and Augmented Reality will be discussed in different aspects. Nicolò Carpignoli (WebXR Developer at Chialab) will participate. The participation is free through Zoom, app for Desktop/Mobile, on June 11, 2020 at 18:30.

Tavola rotonda di confronto sulla Realtà Virtuale e Aumentata.  La partecipazione è grautita tramite Zoom, app per Desktop/Mobile, l’11 Giugno 2020 ore 18:30. Nicolò Carpignoli, WebXR Developer in Chialab, prenderà parte alla discussione. I temi trattati spazieranno dall’introduzione dei nuovi concetti di ‘Realtà’ all’impatto che essi hanno riguardo le applicazioni consumer, il design, l’educazione e il futuro delle tecnologie.

È possibile seguire la discussione al seguente link.

Accessible Augmented and Virtual Reality: challenges, objectives and solutions


An event organized by the staff of Accessibility Days in collaboration with Codemotion, to promote issues related to accessibility. Nicolò Carpignoli, web XR developer active at the design studio Chialab, will hold a talk on the state of the art of accessibility for Augmented and Virtual Reality, dealing with objectives, challenges and success cases. Appointment on July 22, at 17:00. Participation is free upon registration at this link.

Un evento organizzato dallo staff degli Accessibility Days in collaborazione con Codemotion, per promuovere tematiche legate all’accessibilità. Nicolò Carpignoli, web XR developer attivo presso lo studio di design Chialab, terrà un talk sullo stato dell’arte dell’accessibilità per Realtà Aumentata e Virtuale, trattando obiettivi, sfide e casi di successo. 

Appuntamento al 22 Luglio, alle ore 17:00. La partecipazione è gratuita previa registrazione a questo link.

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Accessibility Days 2019. Ancona

On the occasion of the "Global Accessibility Awareness Day" (GAAD), we present a paper at Accessibility Days, the Accessibility Awareness Days event for software developers, designers, makers.

During our speech we will try to clarify the difference between accessibility and readability, comparing specifications and scientific studies. We will tell how this distinction is reflected in our methodological approach to the design, treatment of content and implementation of an accessible digital product.

The event is free. At this address you can view the full agenda and register for the conference.

Museo Tattile Statale Omero di Ancona
Banchina Giovanni da Chio, 28, 60121 Ancona. Italy
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