Validation tool for ePub.

Use epubcheck by IDPF to get a validation report of an ePub.



Node API

Install the package:

npm install epubchecker

Require and use:

const epubchecker = require('epubchecker');

const report = await epubchecker('public/the-little-prince.epub', {
    includeWarnings: true,
    // do not check CSS and font files
    exclude: /\.(css|ttf|opf|woff|woff2)$/,

Here is a complete list of epubchecker options:

Name Type Default Description
includeWarnings boolean false Report should include warnings.
includeNotices boolean false Report should include notices.
output string null The path where to store the report.
ignore RegExp null Regex for messages to ignore.
exclude RegExp null Regex for files to exclude.
include RegExp null Regex for files to include.

Install the CLI globally:

npm install epubchecker -g

Use the epubchecker in your terminal:

$ epubchecker --help
Usage: epubchecker [options] <file>


  -v, --version        output the version number
  -O, --output <path>  store json report
  --no-warnings        remove warnings from report
  --no-notices         remove notices from report
  --ignore <regex>     regex for messages to ignore
  --exclude <regex>    regex for files to exclude
  --include <regex>    regex for files to include
  --silent             do not log errors
  -h, --help           output usage information